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Medical Instruments Techniques Engineering

The department was establish in 2010 as one of the departments of Al-Hussain University College. The duration of study in the department is four years, after which the student is awarded a B.Sc. degree in Medical Instrumentation Techniques Engineering. One of the most important reasons for establishing the department is to prepare engineers specialized in designing, developing and testing medical devices to serve the Iraqi community based on the health sector’s need for this specialty. Medical Instruments techniques engineering is one of the latest engineering sciences that have arisen with the development of modern medicine, as the highly developed medical device has become an essential companion for the doctor in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring patients. Therefore, one of the priorities of the department's curricula was to harness the fundamentals of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering in addition to physics, chemistry and medical sciences. The student can combine medical knowledge and engineering depth in order to understand the mechanism of work of each system and direct his knowledge and specialization to the maintenance and development of these devices and to be able to deal with doctors and their needs to serve patients . Over the course of the four academic years, the student will gain experience from teachers with distinguished scientific competence, which will help him in understanding the fundamentals of engineering and medical sciences and elevate his scientific, research and educational capabilities. After graduation as an engineer, he is able to deal with medical devices and the needs of doctors and patients alike efficiently, professionally and with high creation. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research recognized the college by Order No. CE/2202 in 13-5-2010.


Qualifying distinguished and innovative competencies scientifically, skillfully and behaviorally in the field of medical equipment technology and keeping pace with the corresponding scientific departments in sober international universities by providing community services by providing the latest study programs to create an advanced academic environment.


That the student learns at every stage of study different and most important curricula and skills related to the various scientific and practical sectors, which indicate the importance of this specialization.


1- Providing the student with scientific and practical skill that enables him to diagnose faults resulting in medical devices

2- Graduating students who have the ability to know and understand the nature of the work of the various parts of medical devices and keep pace with the development that takes place in their technologies

3- Providing students with sufficient skill to make the necessary updates regarding medical devices

4- Preparing graduates with the ability and competence to prepare research and complete postgraduate studies

5- The department seeks to achieve international quality standards and principles in curricula and study plans

I welcome you my colleagues, distinguished professors and dear students, in this important window through the new website of Al Hussein University College. I would like to give you and all interested people an idea about the department. The Department of Medical Instrumentation Techniques Engineering gives the graduate a bachelor's degree dedicated to the development and maintenance of medical instruments and devices, software writing and medical data analysis. The vision of the department is to create and innovate in the teaching of medical device technology, to establish local and national partnerships and to contribute to scientific research at the local, regional and international levels, as well as to rehabilitate the outstanding and innovative competencies scientifically and skillfully in the field of medical device technology and equipment. The department aims to produce jobs in the medical system or biotechnology industry that may further increase academic or professional follow-up. In addition, graduates will be born with the understanding, appreciation and motivation of moral responsibility at all levels (individual, organizational and community), and an appreciation of the importance of lifelong learning. The Department of Medical Instrumentation Techniques Engineering is expanding and progressing year after year and the number of students is increasing. The department is currently studying the possibility of developing curricula in agreement with the corresponding department in coordination with it. It is a great honor for me to continue the march of my colleagues who preceded me to head the department. I hope to succeed in efforts to improve the quality of education and provide an academic environment that helps to develop the capacities of thinking, research, creativity and building confidence between the student and the professor to spread the spirit of communication and positive influence. And the latest organizational methods, including the new college website to be a link between the students and the teachers and a mean for the department so as not to be separated from the other departments of the college in particular and the corresponding departments in our beloved country in general.

Best Wishes.


Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed A. Abdala

Head of Medical Instrumentation Techniques Engineering Department


Member                Assistance Prof.    Dr. Ahmed Majeed Abdul-Aaema

Member                Lecturer      Dr. Mohammed Jamal Mohammed

Member                Lecturer     Dr.Haider Abdul-Aziz Yousef

Member                Lecturer     Dr.Mohammed Omer Ali

Member                Assist. Lecturer     Ali Majid Hassan

Member                Assist. Lecturer     Hassan Abdul-Ameer Hassan


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