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  • 9/26/2023

Electrical Power Techniques Engineering

The Electrical Power Techniques Engineering Department founded at Al-Hussain University college in 2018/2019 depending on the permission of Ministry of High Education And scientific research with document number


The Department of Electrical Power Techniques Engineering vision is to supply the Iraqi market with very high skills engineers and educated the edge of science to support the government and private market sectors, In same time meet the international market demands. Finally, theses compensation can help to solve and develop the economic side.

Department Mission & Goals

1- Qualification and preparation an engineer with very high skills in electrical engineering science and educated by the edge of science to follow the international market and make them able to solve the problems are face in industrial area.

2- Create strong relationships between the industrial market and the academic sections by do the workshops and the conferences to show the latest problems

3- Using the latest and very developed applications and engineering tools by cooperation’s the international universities and world markets

4- Support the students to do the invention and engineering solutions to support the world scientists to solve the world challenges 

5- Working with international scientists and top universities in the world to tackle the greenhouse phenomena by develop the renewable energy sources which suitable for Middle East and Asia.

6- By suing the sustainable energy reduce the Co2 and other emissions to make the world better place to live in.

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