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The Department of Dentistry was established in Karbala, Iraq at 2013-2014. During the first three years, the students study the basic sciences in addition to the different sciences of dentistry. In the fourth and fifth stages where the sciences of dentistry are intensively studied theoretically and practically in which the student can treat the patients in clinics established for the purpose of learning the practical sides of dentistry. The various clinics had been established to treat patients using the latest equipments such as the clinics of (Conservative Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Periodontology, Prosthetic Dentistry, Preventive Dentistry, Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry).


It believes that building the Man and developing the society are the basis of having generations who can build the country. The essential purposes of the Department are learning, teaching, doing researches and serving the society through providing a stimulating environment of the potentials, qualified Department teachers together with curricula that enable the students how to deal with the requirement of the society. The main vision of the Department of Dentistry at Al-Hussain university College shall be recognized as the pioneer of dental education, and scientific research in Iraq, Middle East and over the world.


It is proud of all of us to stand hand by hand in order to continue the educational process and to make efforts to improve the quality of education, which helps to provide a scientific environment to help develop the capabilities of our dear students in scientific thinking, creativity and research.  In order to build trust between the teaching staff and student and broadcast the spirit of communication and develop the department using the best educational and organization methods, the current department website will be the link between the student and the teaching stuff and will be a card for the rest of the departments in the college in particular and the rest of the departments or colleges in our beloved country in general. Pray to God to reconcile.


1- Provide high quality and broad-based education and maintain quality to meet standards in teaching and learning.

The department has graduated the first group of dentists in the academic year 2017-2018. Graduates are awarded a bachelor's degree and this may increase the incentive of the graduate to continue to pursue scientific or academic achievement professionally and will generate the motivation for moral responsibility in the field of dentistry at all levels, both in front of the patient or the community, and we teach them the importance of learning in all their life because science does not end at a certain point.

The Department of Dentistry has been expanding and progressing year after year and is characterized by the presence of the best medical and dental colleges staff of different scientific degrees, whether Iraqis or Arabs or Foreigners. The goal of the subject is to obtain the highest scientific development of our students in parallel with other countries. The department has also developed courses and curricula in agreement with the College of Dentistry, Karbala University, to serve the student and to raise the scientific level more and more.

2- Provide faculty development support and research opportunities.

3- Contribute to provide services to the society through appropriate and different dental treatment activities.

Peace, mercy and blessings be upon you ...

    I offer you our greetings through the website of the Dental Department / Al-Hussein University College

   The Dental Department is considered one of the closest examples of communication between the department and the community, as in addition to providing state and community institutions with qualified dentists who hold a bachelor’s degree in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, it also provides medical services to the community through its students in the fourth and fifth stages and under the supervision of specialist.

 The philosophy of the Department is to establish a distinct edifice for practical and academic dental sciences capable of providing the highest international standards of quality in teaching, training and scientific research for the students, which reflects positively on providing the community’s needs through high-quality treatment, health and prevention services

   Also, our department seeks with all the capabilities and resources available to it to raise the educational reality in the various fields of dentistry to reach the level of ambition among Iraqi, Arab and then international Departments, Colleges and Universities. The students' laboratories and clinics have been equipped with the possible devices and supplies. Classrooms have been prepared with educational aids in which the teachers use modern programs to display and communicate scientific information. A decent library has also been provided, with modern books, and a comfortable reading room

   And in the focus of scientific research, our teachers continue to complete their research that focuses on solving the problems of society which is characterized by the practicality of the desired benefit, and hopefully we will all come out with scientific research useful for our society and our beloved Iraq. Our ambition is still to develop all that is available and to prepare the teaching staff by encouraging the application to postgraduate studies and to contribute to all scientific conferences held inside or outside the country and related to dentistry.

    All cordiality and respect for those who have contributed and contributed to supplementing the scientific movement with all that is new ... and God is the Grantor of success.


Dr Raad Ali jassim

Head of Dentistry Department

Al-Hussein University College


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